Monday, 16 November 2015

Ultimate shoe recycling

I have been tidying my pictures on the computer ready to "save" to a safe external drive and found this picture taken in Teignmouth in 2008.

The old work shoes from the blacksmith's shed this was next to were no doubt added to by shoes found on the beach. The tree root was a fascinating aged twisted stump.

I would share with you my recycling of an 1980s green suit to a new "Mary Berry style" jacket but the tailoring on the pattern has me completely foxed.  I am blogging to avoid any more brain ache and having to go back outside to tend the end of summer bonfire.


  1. How unusual, love the shoe boot thing. I hope you sort the pattern soon without the need for a painkiller.

  2. Think I have mastered it! got a book from library that may help too.


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