Monday, 7 December 2015

Sunday walk

As storm Desmond high winds (but very dry here) died we took ourselves out for a dose of fresh air (and ignoring any ideas about Christmas preparations).

Husband managed about 2 miles along Snettisham to Hacham Bank before his arthritic ankle declared war. There were a few others about, but plenty of room! When we tired of the wind we had a look at the marshes behind the dunes.

The bit of sun had faded by now so made out way back calling at Wolfenden nature reserve to see if it would be suitable for family walks over Xmas. Looks ideal. There was still some colour in the trees and a rhodi thinks it spring!
Back to work Monday - wood for shed rebuild delivered at 9am and mostly moved up the garden by 3.30!


  1. Its been relatively dry here on the Essex coast but it has been blustery... great fro drying the washing. The sun has been out quite a bit but the ground is still very wet from all the rain we have had. I love those sorts of walks as long as I'm well and truly wrapped up. I'm hoping to mow the lawn for the last time tomorrow.

    1. Our front lawn looks like a mow is needed too. It is till 12 to 14 C here, I keep over dressing and getting hot!



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