Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas prep

Well actually, non-prep. We are just not into it that much. I steam cleaned the carpets and rugs yesterday for visits from two very small grand children to toddle and crawl safely on. And I emptied the cupboards and fridge of any out of date stuff at the back.  My very tall sons always manage to find something from 2013 and I get a lecture and teased about being short (5'6" is NOT short).
Empty fridge ready for shopping around the 22nd? Will just tick over till then!  Annoyed with butcher's assistant just now - when I asked for 1kg of chicken pieces he offered to put them in two 500g bags for me. But what he did was well over 500g in each bag and he did not say that clearly,  so I actually brought 25% more than I planned.  Up till now I have had a good deal at this butcher's and it has annoyed me slightly.  Will be on my guard a bit more next time. And now I have open those bags and take out the excess as we try to stick to the recommended meat portions along side our 3 or 4 veg per main meal.

Cleaned, organised and labelled.

Also now know there are no milk products around for the very, very milk allergic grandson to find on lower shelves in the kitchen.

The wood cladding for the rebuild of the large workshop arrived early on Monday and we spent two days taking up the garden and storing inside to dry out a bit before it is used. Now both exhausted and having a couple of rest days to recover.

That was hubby's Xmas present; perhaps I will tie a bow to one end.


  1. I'm more into Christmas this year than ever, we are making a concerted effort due to things that have happened in the family that we have no control over. Thats the sort of present I like, practical and useful. I wish I was 5ft6in I would then be underweight ;0) I struggle with cupboards too and have to get a chair to check for things that have magically disappeared to the top shelf!

  2. Our fridge is empty, we are sorting and using up loads before our Christmas shop.


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