Wednesday, 27 January 2016

When clearing out comes back to bite you

Last week we went to the local tip and did a lot of recycling including shoes, batteries and ancient mobile phones. Today, I wish I hadn't as the software failed on my mobile in the middle of a call and it got stuck. No amount of pressing buttons or trying to turn it off would work. In a panic that I was still making that call,  I attacked the thing to get the battery out and promptly broke the glass screen. By which time we were in danger of being late at the dentist! Drove quickly to town and a kind young man in an independent phone shop opened it in a flash and took out the battery. Its still stuck and has a cracked screen. Now if I had not recycled the old phone I could have just moved the SIM card. Luckily two sons have old phones we can have!

Lynn waterfront

When I say we drove quickly, we went quickly to west Lynn and then jumped on the ferry across the Great River Ouse to Kings Lynn town centre. It was blowing hard and the tide was running out strongly - the boatman took us in on the lee of the steep steps but the wind still nearly swept us off our feet. Coming back the tide was well out and there were white caps on the river! Bit too adventurous!

The weather continued awful all afternoon so after a bit of a rest I spent an hour repairing my husband's thick work trousers by forming new hems. Should last another year or so now!

Didn't get a picture of the rare bird, Pallid Harrier, this morning but it was more active walking around the orchard area rather than just sitting on the fence.


  1. All that and the dentist too! Life can be definitely unsmooth!

  2. Its always the case. You throw or give something away you haven't used in years and you find you need it.


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