Saturday, 30 January 2016

Getting my seed sowing mojo going

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We have had a fairly dry period with lots of sun and despite the fierce wind the days are feeling longer and brighter!  Does not get dark till nearly 5pm - so lovely.  there was some room on the propagating mat in the conservatory  around my husband's Sweet Pea collection so I popped some outdoor cucumbers, Alisa craig tomatoes (an early variety) and sweet peppers into pots. It says Feb planting on the packet so only a couple days in advance. Only a few I just want to get some really early crops and as we are heating the greenhouse (well keeping it frost free at least) I may as well make use of some space.  Meanwhile some salad leaves I got going on the 8 Jan are ready and I have made a corner in the Poly tunnel and planted about 20 of the largest ones out. I added a cloche to keep them cosy for a few days till they get going.  Our spreadsheet is growing at least!
Seed sowing 2016
01-Jan Antrinium (new seed) Large tray
02-Jan Winter lettuce leaves Small seed tray 48 Planted out 20 30- Jan
02-Jan Purple Broccoli 12 tray
02-Jan Cauli 12 tray
08-Jan Antrinium (new seed) 48 tray cells
08-Jan Kale 12 tray
08-Jan Sweet peas Spanish Dancer 12
08-Jan Sweet peas Emily 12
08-Jan Sweet peas Butterfly 12
08-Jan Sweet peas Heathcliff 12
08-Jan Sweet peas Little Red Riding Hood 12
08-Jan Sweet peas April in Paris 12
08-Jan Sweet peas Scarlett 12
08-Jan Sweet peas Blackberry 12
30-Jan Alsia Craig Toms
  Sweet peppers 4 (new seed)
Outdoor Cue 2 (left over seeds)
Broad beans 12

In the gap left by the demolition of our asbestos garage we had 10 tons of gravel delivered in the week and our youngest son came up form London to help do the spreading. This is cheaper than a month's fees at a London Gym apparently!
Luckily the techie son also brought a spare mobile phone and spent some time re purposing it to replace my disaster last week. 


  1. Its taking shape Trish. Well done on the planting you're very organised.

  2. I'm bored! Off to do some craft work and be creative!

  3. Hi Trish, lovely to read about seeds being sown, makes me feel like Spring isn't far and then the butterflies will be out again! x

    1. I can't wait. My bit of settee is now littered with gardening books.


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