Monday, 4 January 2016

Seed sowing started

Made a tentative start on the seed sowing this week. Started with new shelves in the new shed helping us sort the pots and trays.
When I say new, they were pallet wood and recycled plywood and shelf brackets - the shed cost an arm and a leg, so the inside has to be done as cheaply as possible.

That exercise led to the asbestos garage being emptied a bit more ready for demolition and the propagator stuff came out too and into the conservatory.  Catches the sun nicely in that corner.

That exercise led to the search for extension leads; one being mended and two missing ones found under the stairs (with some spare pegs that I needed too).

Finally, we sat down and did some seed sorting. These all have Jan/Feb on the instructions, and it is so mild here it could be March! Still better be cautious.
A large tray of antirinhums/snap dragons started as they are very slow growers but are a really cheap way to fill flower beds and bees love them. A small tray of sprouting broccoli and one of cauliflower. We are trying to spread out the veg more this year - a little and often rather than gluts.  Tray of salad leaves done too which can be planted on into the polytunnel during the early spring.

During our shifting and moving around the pet poltergeist who hides stuff round here returned the plug for the outdoor Christmas lights we could not find minutes after opening the box in December (under the shoe rack) and then ran off with the best yard broom.
Beautiful sunny Monday here, so mild. Bike ride to the local shop for  emergency milk as the left over from Christmas milk suddenly went off between breakfast and coffee time. I saw a rambling rose in full flower on a cottage garden facing south - unbelievable!


  1. Your shed looks beautifully organised. I must do something with mine this year, but need to declutter it first!

  2. I've seen so many things that just simply aren't right for this time of year but part of me is pleased with the mild weather. The dampness is getting to me now although today has been brilliant sunshine. I laughed out-load at you pet poltergeist, what a cheeky imp he is!


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