Thursday, 14 January 2016

The water board are coming...

Water people have been sending us letters over Xmas happily informing us of fitting a water meter. We don't have to have it, but it could save money, they have to do it anyway, etc etc. All very jolly and informative.
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We are happy to give it a try as the new sheds are put up this year we are sorting out guttering and water barrels anyway. But with an acre of garden in the driest county in the UK we may be heavy users! Apparently you can change back to non meter within 2 years if its more expensive.  Which it cant be as the current bill is eye watering itself!

What the water board don't know is we have lots of questions and issues we want to addresses:

  • Why have we got lead pipes delivering our drinking water?
  • Why does our supply run from the road, 500 yards down our neighbours drive, then across his garden and into our house and not from the road onto our property?
  • Where  is the outdoor stop-cock anyway?
  • Will we have to go to the neighbours property to read this meter?  Or like last time we had one lay in the middle of the road with a torch and a magnifying glass to read it?
  • Can we have some water pressure please? Luckily every other house in the road of 15 houses goes out to work, so as long as we wash or water in non peak times we get some flow! The grower next door and us can see our hoses and we co-ordinate not to water at same time!
This water board people may regret coming out to find us as part of the last 25% not on a meter in Norfolk!  We are looking forward to seeing the team on its way to survey and talk to us!


  1. I've just had our water bill which is £137.00 £5.50 more than this time last year . Although we had our large water butts that were installed in spring they never completely filled as it was so dry. Furthermore my brother looked after the garden while we were away and I think he is heavy handed with the hose! My yearly bill is £300 any improvement. I will be on the look out for even ways to collect water.

    1. Ours is £500 plus this year - so we are keen to come down. We always wanted to do rain water harvesting but too old to get a value back.

  2. Dread the water bill each year the last one was nearly 1200 , but they say we would be worse off with a meter, big family, one disabled who creates mountains of washing, no prospect of a shower due to our lack of water pressure. iT takes longer to fill a bath than does to take it

    1. Our bath is the same, a good 10 mins to fill the bath just for the little ones at Xmas.



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