Monday, 7 March 2016

Retro fit conservatory

Despite the slight pasting of snow the men came to replace the conservatory windows and alter the door.
From this:
To this:
We have lost the silly inset doorway which made you do a jig every time you came in and out trying to open one door, slide round, close it and open the other one.

We watch a lot of house improvement programmes (and done a lot in the past, but this time in retirement we went for simple and sturdy. This house will never be "pretty" so there is an upper limit to its value and doing anything fancy will never be worthwhile.

Still got to sort the ceiling and floors adding more insulating.  I do like tidy workmen, and these were very, very good not just taking all the debris, but sweeping and taking care not to harm anything.

Will be interesting to see if it helps with heating bills as it was a cold damp area before.  I was a bit tempted this afternoon in the one glimpse of blue sky to move my sewing and craft activities in!

Just listening to the new health campaign to get healthy in middle age - I think the best advert today has been Dave whatsit, the Hairy Biker Chef on Breakfast TV. He really looks well now and his transformation over last 2 years (?) is truly a remarkable.

Weather forecast says warmer here at end of week - cant wait.  Can't say I saw the aurea bora thing last night, but when I did look out about 11 pm the sky/clouds had a funny colour over The Wash, was that it?

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  1. Great improvement to the doorway and conservatory. You can always line the walls with insulated plasterboard.


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