Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Spring preparations for veg growing

I noted on last year's veg list that we started planting seeds outside on the 6th March. It is considerably colder in the last week so I doubt that we will be that early this year.  the cold nights have cost us £3 extra on electricity for the greenhouse heater (thanks to SMART meter we can keep an eye on this easily).

Nevertheless, preparation is underway! The weekend was pretty noisy with various rotovators and ride on mowers going in our field and the two either side.  Despite the slightly damp soil the veg garden is now roughly turned over and the weeds are being raked out. Bit more work to do as it dries out.

The greenhouse is now full of developing seedlings. The propagating mat in the conservatory is turning over new trays quite quickly as the day light lengthens and the sun is really warm; goes up to 20C in there on a good day.

Really pleased to see gardening is coming back to the TV. Gardeners World this week and Beechgrove next month.  We are desperate for good entertainment - run out of library books so as it is going to rain I will shoot off to get some more.

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  1. I'm sowing next week and really looking forward to it. They'll stay in the conservatory until its safe out there! :0)


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