Friday, 29 April 2016

Cold Nights

Night before last it went down to -1.5C, last night to -0.5C and tonight it is predicted to 0C. does that mean its getting warmer?

We have had a few visitors caught on our nature cam at the bottom of the field.  Here is one!
Hope this works - it is my second only video up load.

And now its back to Cauli cheese making; along with carrot soup for lunch! this will be our 9th Cauli from the spring crop and we have 10 more to go. I can recommend this very vege diet as I have lost a couple more pounds!
12 stone is in sight!


  1. Great video its lovely to see what wildlife are sneaking around :-)

  2. When we eventually buy our own place, wildlife camera are on the agenda, lovely seeing deer one of my favourite animals x

  3. You are one very privileged lady! Thank you for sharing that.



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