Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Cold winds eased

Quick blog today.

The wind has dropped but the temperatures are not rising much. In fact today we watched a thick dark cloud drop a covering of snow on to Kings Lynn in the distance! Missed us!

We have taken to covering  the tender plants in the poly tunnel with fleece by 6 pm each evening. It has dropped down to 2C which has stopped things growing but nothing has been damaged so far.

Had to revert to having a small fire in the lounge last evening and the last quarter tank of oil we had hoped would last into the summer is rapidly disappearing. I hope it warms up soon.

Gardening is on hold so have been looking for odd jobs in that long list that is headed  "when we have time, one day".  I started to rub down an old lattice pergola in the garden between showers.  This will take ages. Retreating back indoors I used up the last of the giant white emulsion tub on the new conservatory ceiling (and listen to Coldharbour Farm on Radio 4 extra). We need some masonry paint to cover the two brick walls but funds are a little low at present.  There was an inch left in the emulsion tub and though it was not "off" it had a bit of a smell so I used it up on the kitchen ceiling. Only covered about a third so will have to get more of that later too. My husband moaned I had made the other bit look really dirty. Well, it was really dirty/yellow!! Also it is spiky artex which neither of us wanted to tackle really.  All our ceilings downstairs are artex and we detest it - but it is way down on the list of things you may need to spend money on one day!

I'm off to watch a fascinating series on BBC4 about remote British island territories. Fascinating. And to light the fire for an hour or so -brrrrr.

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  1. Yes the weather has disrupted plans here, I have resisted lighting the fire, been busy working on my list of jobs to do one day


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