Sunday, 3 April 2016

One of my "to do iin 2016" things

One of the things on my to do list this year was to complete more painting. I have been inspired by several good art books from the library to be more dynamic with water colours.  I am quite happy with my attempts at flowers following one book's step by step instructions.

I have used some old cardboard frames which set them off nicely.
The next book on landscapes was not so successful but I got some ideas (no pics, they really were not good). My latest book is about mixed media ideas and I am looking forward to having a little play with those ideas when I am fully fit. At present it is hard to organise the brain still, let alone feel creative!

What have you done lately to address the inner creative?

  I am jealous of one blogger's patient organisation of hexagon patchwork shapes by colour. 


  1. Those paintings are great! Love the colours and the composition! They are vibrant, yes, you must do more painting. Let the dust settle and paint instead! I do think if you're feeling stressed, to do something which needs total concentration, such as watercolour painting, is a very good thing. I'm a writer and that is my creative outlet, and I also love photography and books (to read and to collect.)
    Margaret P

    1. It is lovely to have the time to lose yourself in something creative. I used to write till work took over with creating reports for Ofsted, lost all creative urge after that - hope it comes back one day!

  2. Sewing always sewing, you are a clever lady your painting are wonderful.

    1. Yep, sewing is my love too. When we have visitors all the sewing has to be put away which is so annoying.


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