Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A perfect retirement day

Left house after the school rush.

Drove through a reasonably quiet town and down some sunny empty roads.

Walked through the woods in a nature reserve till 11.30
Went out on to the sandy open land in full early sun; just as getting tired of the rather "blasted" heath land habitat found a bright spring bloom.
Avoided the large bull on the board walk on the bog.There were about a dozen cows/calves under the trees and were making a good job of taking out the flush of spring grass and leaving the reads, heather and cranberry bushes alone.
I am NOT an animal person! This is as close as I get if there are no fences!

Walked down to Wolfenden village to admire the preserved station platform (used to serve Royal trains to Sandringham).
Admired the rhodo's in flower along the roads but still feel they are an invasive species needing control.  Was trying to remember the Alan Gardener children's novel where they hid in a rhodo forest - Wierdstone of Bresmingham? Will ask son later it was he favourite book!
Pub lunch of fish dishes (local food heroes) at Brancaster Straithe. Once a month treat for us over the summer - can't afford to do it too often.

Afternoon on the practically deserted beach, a long paddle and a relaxing hour with a book.  It was hot!!!
Did my bit for the planet and picked up 4 pieces of plastic brought in by the tide and put in a bin (quite difficult to locate one!).  apart from those the water was crystal clear and the sand clean and soft, but littered with razor shells.

Quiet cross country drive home via Docking which is an very attractive village.

Home before the 5 o'clock traffic rush and in time to pick some asparagus for tea!

Perfect day in retirement!


  1. wonderful trip out thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Sounds wonderful to me too. Cant wait to be a retiree!

  3. I would avoid large bulls too! Lovely sunny day photos.

  4. Yes, that day does sound perfect. Here's to many more! xo


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