Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Busy Sewing Bee

In honour of the return of the Great British Sewing Bee on TV, I set about a new pattern.  4 pieces just over a metre of fabric, no zip or button holes. Supposed an hour long project (huh).
It has a very new method to me. You sew the facings on the front and back before joining them together. It actually worked quite well.
I have some finishing off to do; I may top stitch the neck with a large white stitch as I did not use interfacing to stiffen it. I used some authentic Indian cotton material given to me by my in-law relatives to make a very light summer T shirt effect.

Biggest delight is that this is a size 16 and it is perfect. I have lost a stone over the last year and I am now firmly a size 16 rather than having to admit to pudgy and go for a 18 size. 

At least this was not on the bias as the first challenge in GBSB was this week - that was a bit more than a basic challenge.  I am going to try it our one day!  Had to agree with all the critics that the make over recycle challenge was disappointment and I sure all those out in frugal land would have thought of doing more with all the material I think (on longer reflection) I would have de constructed the whole maternity dress and laid the material out flat and gone for something more flowing and ambitious.  Adored some of the final sew skirts - especially the tight fitting winner - those were days when you were 16 and size 10 and could have worn that!

If you have not watched it - do.


  1. It's great having something decent to watch on the T.V. again but what a shame about Lorna from last year's series - I liked her - your top looks brilliant. That white top stitch will finish it off beautifully xx

  2. We are working our way through programmes saved from a year ago as there is so little on TV now.

  3. Its great to have the sewing bee back again, loved it the other night, your top is beautiful :-)

  4. The bias challenge was a little hard for 'basic'. I was taught at school about reading a pattern so I have some understanding and we always made our own bias tape. Love your pattern, I may have to order it ready for next year when I will be sewing again.

  5. I usually top stitch even when I use interfacing. Love simple easy to sew patterns.

    God bless.


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