Friday, 27 May 2016

New lettuce variety

We are trying out a new variety of lettuce this season. Here is one next to some much smaller Webbs Wonder's planted at the same time in our poly tunnel.

It is a cross between a cos and an iceberg. Called a Cosberg (of course).  It has a firm upright middle. It is nice and crisp and keeps firm in an tossed salad with an oil and vinegar dressing.

I do like Webb wonder for a plate salad with coleslaw etc.

Beetroot, salad onions, cucumbers, radish all sown now - will have lots of variation of salad later in the summer.

 I must photo our new tomato variety later in the week - it is having very strange flowers.


  1. Looks lovely. I'm trying to keep the slugs away from mine.

    1. The outer leaves have been a bit eaten but the middle is enough for 2 meals for 2 of us.



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