Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Road safety

Had to cycle to the village hairdressers at school time this week. As my bike has developed a puncture (despite the so called self sealing tyre) I borrowed my husband's cycle.  He lowered the seat and tried to make it the same as mine so I could cope and I wore my most stretchy jeans so that I could get past the middle  bar. I also wore a floaty purple top, lots of beads and pink sandals  - hoping people would think it was just an eccentric granny!

Image result for bicycle clipart black and white

So I felt I had taken care to be safe but I then had to run the gauntlet of  people who had cars and presumably driving licences but had obviously not ever read the highway code. Everyone of the cars collecting from the two schools was desperate to get home apparently.  Perhaps, if we leave the EU, our  government could use the (mythical) savings to  improve road safety by issuing everyone driving in the UK with a copy of the UK Highway Code!
Image result for uk highway code
When did overtaking a row of parked cars when something is coming towards you become acceptable?  Perhaps I am invisible after all?


  1. I ride on the path when possible because car drivers are so impatient these days.

    1. Me too - but just then the pavement was full of little people from the infants school. Next appointment made for mid day!

  2. There are so many idiots driving these days, no-one ever wants to wait they just push through.



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