Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Shelf art

I am still looking for the best storage containers for my shelves over the washing machine as I am not really happy with the plastic baskets.  I found an old box the right height the other day for the washing liquid etc.

And then I found an old gift bag that had a split side which I had kept as I liked the design.

Some cutting and glueing later I had covered the box and positioned the handles on the sides.

Now the bottles and sprays can jump from the basket to the box and be out of sight. It might only last a few months until I can find just the thing I want!

I had  scout round some cupboards and have found some other gift bags and wraps I might utilize.  Amazing the stuff you tuck away!


  1. Somehow, I always feel so pleased when I discover a way to recycle something to a new purpose. Dare I say that it's "thinking outside the box."


  2. You know you will still be looking at it next year ....because the right thing never comes along when youre looking for it

  3. What a good idea.
    I don't have a utility room, unfortunately, but I bought myself a Housekeeper's Box last year, and this has space for some upright bottles, and a tray in it, so on top I keep rubber gloves, a Spongetex cloth, things which I need for the cleaning the bathroom, etc, and under the tray, some of the vacuum attachments (nozzle that will no longer attach itself to the vacuum) and dusters, and cleaning clothes. This then fits happily into a kitchen cupboard when not in use, but when I'm about to do some cleaning, out comes the Housekeeper's Box and I carry it from room to room. I do recommend one of these, they keep all the cleaning things together - well, the ones that are used regularly. Other products are stored at the back of the cupboard.
    Margaret P

  4. What a great idea and clever use of things you already have. You're aa gal after my own heart.

  5. nice and jazzy, you will have a lovely row of colourful storage when you finish :-)


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