Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Messing about waiting

Funny week we have been tackling a lot of small jobs as we can't get stuck into anything mentally. Our big purchase of a log cabin (which will be our craft space) will be here later this week. It is sort of exciting and stressful at the same time.  They are bringing a big crane and a build team.  We have made sure the drive is clear of rubbish, the base is ready and arranged for our car to be parked next door out of the way.  We even cut a bit of the tree at the top of the drive so it would get by without branches getting in the way.

Running out of jobs now and it is hot and windless. So my husband is checking the sails and rigging on his Drascombe lugger in the garden.  I have completed a dress for my grand daughter's 2nd birthday.

The pattern said 2 to 4 years - but she is a sturdy little thing and very tall. I have already made the neck larger by changing the round neck to a square and making the back opening twice the recommended size.  


  1. Pretty material, I love little girls in pretty dresses.

    1. I do wish we all did "dresses" I get so tired of the sloppy look abound on Uk streets!

    2. My granddaughter loves girly dresses. But she also likes play clothes,track suits, leggings etc. I cant wait to see your cabin.



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