Friday, 15 July 2016


Every July we enjoy watching the Tour de France cycling - the excited fans (over excited yesterday!), the ever changing weather, the scenery, the glimpse into ordinary lives, farming and countryside.  
We love to spot the guy dressed as the devil at every stage (been doing it for years). 
Being retired we can relax and keep up with the daily coverage!
One of our highlights are the sun flower fields. 

This year we have grown some cutting sunflowers and to celebrate week two of the race we have filled the fireplace with sunflowers.

It is also our tribute to the people of France and Nice on such a sad day.


  1. So sad that so many innocent people are being caught up in this situation. Your sunflowers are lovely.

  2. Pollen free variety to try and beat the pollen beetles on everything else!

  3. I've also been enjoying Le Tour this year, and pretending I'm also traveling through beautiful France. The horrors on Nice on 14 July were so shocking. I won't let them taint my wonderful memories of visiting Nice and Cannes and meeting so many lovely people.




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