Thursday, 25 August 2016

Beefsteak tomato success

We grew three varieties of tomatoes this year/  The beefsteak ones have been delicious to eat and cook really well. This is the largest one so far and it weighed 1 lb on its own.

Some more on the next plant.  These 3 weighed 1 lb together.

The gardeners' delight plants are doing well. I am not sure about the Italian plum cooking ones.  They are a bit dry.  I am going to leave them on the plants to get over ripe to see if they improve.

Hope your tomatoes are coming thick and fast.


  1. I grew beef steak too and they too have been tasty. However I've had a lot of fruit that fused together and ripening at different times. STRANGE!

  2. Some of mine are strange - I think it was that early struggle with pollination when it was a bit cool


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