Friday, 5 August 2016

Ladybird books

Nothing on the TV?  Try BBC4, yet again this channel has come up with a gem!  Last night I caught up with the history of the Ladybird books!

The classic 2/6 shillings, beautifully illustrated, little gems.

It was fascinating!

Not sure if you can get it on catch up - if you can do spend an hour in a lost world!!

I do like this channel - if you keep an eye on its programming you can find some really good things!


  1. Thanks I'll look it up. I'm sure you can get it on catch up.

  2. I agree, BBC4 is one of the best channels out there. I didn't see the Ladybird programme but just might watch it today. I think I saw it first time of broadcasting a couple of years ago.

  3. It is the channel I watch the most.

  4. we have watched quite a lot of bbc4 lately , it seems to have got more generalised and less classical music and opera

  5. i love their music programmes, so many different types and styles.

  6. I must see this on catch up. I've even written on the subject of Ladybird books. There is an excellent book on them called The Ladybird Story, Children's Books for Everyone, by Lorraine Johnson and Brian Alderson. I collect them in a small way, and have most of their bird books and anything to do with architecture or costumes.
    Margaret P

    1. My reaction to the programme was I wanted to collect the story ones!


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