Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Hi to new followers!  I am a bit behind this week as we have had visitors. Friends for over 40 years came to spend a long weekend. We had a great time and the weather held up to give us great opportunities to get out and about and take some long walks together.

We went to see the seals at Blakeney Point. You start at Morston Quay, in a muddy car park where it seems to be organised chaos. But it works! You book spaces in advance, check by phone first thing re weather etc and then half and hour before high tide that the boat is going. You find your boat company (about 5 operators) by its colour of T shirts on the crew and boat trim. Ours was orange.  And you board off these wooden structures as far down the creek as the boat will float with 40 people aboard!
A short ride out to the sands where the grey and common seals gather on the warm sands. The grey's got in the clear water and swam out to view the gwarkers!

It was a great trip..

Followed by lunch and an afternoon paddle on the sands at Wells-next the sea, and later supper with another old friend in Hunstanton. And so  home, 16 hours after we left, exhausted!!

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  1. Wow, while I have seen whales, I have never seen seals. Lucky you.

    God bless.



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