Saturday, 1 October 2016

Autumn colours

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Lots in the garden coming to an end so it was nice to have two new things to brighten the days.
Autumn crocus - given to us by neighbour and popped in a pot last spring. It has been moved out of "storage" now and is close to the house so I can see it!
Further down our field we have a perennial bed which is definitely fading, but in its middle is this delightful clump of asters.
We visited the Welsh Botanical gardens (near Carmarthen) a few years ago in October and admired their collection of asters. I want more of these. Old fashioned but shining like a beacon at present.

The lilac colour reminds me of the colour of my bridesmaid dresses from October 1976. Yes it is our anniversary in a few days. To celebrate we are going away for a few days. On one day we are going to Kew Gardens! I have wanted to go for years and years. So be prepared for lots of photos of glorious plants!


  1. Replies
    1. Back in the late 1970's it was one of the in colours - we even had a bedroom in lilac!

  2. I was married in 1978 and lilac was very popular as was brown and orange!


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