Sunday, 30 October 2016

Buy shares in local hardware store!

On our way home from north Wales to the east coast we diverted to the south bit of Peak district for a "peek" (ooo, pun intended!) at the area. We are intending to visit. Despite low cloud on the fells and busy traffic in the towns it all looked lovely and we also found a super 2 person self catering cottage in Bakewell when we parked and fully intend to have some time away.

This is the weir in the middle of Bakewell town. 

On the other wise boring metal bridge thousands of padlocks had been placed as "remembrances".  Always the pragmatist my husband quickly turned round and suggested we immediately buy shares in the local hardware store as they were obviously making a fortune at £5 to £10 a time out of padlocks!

I was a little disappointed. As he opened his mouth I did, for a fleeting moment, think he was going suggest celebrating our 45 year marriage with a love lock!

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  1. Typical 'handyman' thinks practically rather than romantically. I have one like that too!


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