Sunday, 30 October 2016

Trains, boats and planes

We concluded our holiday in north Wales with a lot of slow transport trips.

Horse drawn canal boat trip, train up Snowdon, steam train from Blaenau Ffestinog to coast, walks along canals and over Aqueducts.
Snowdon in sunshine and canal boat on Chirk aqueduct

My daughter in law is Indian but brought up mostly in the UK, and sometimes we have to explain some  English customs. Yes Devi, we are playing pooh sticks. Poo??? (child obsessed mother in the throws of potty training) No not that poo, POOH.  You are all very strange. What?   Us?? 

So did the 2 year old grandson enjoy all this Welsh scenery and culture? No. He is obsessed with tractors, diggers and JCB machinery. He would rather spend time watching the lorry with a crane on it reverse across the canal bridge or men digging up roads. 

He taught me how to find you tube videos on mummy's i pad of tractors!!!

As they left north Wales his parents took him to an air museum to look at planes. You would think he would have had his quota of machines - no, all the way home they had to play spot the digger/tractor!

I spent all week teaching  him to say please and thank you. (That is what Grandma is for).


  1. Pardon is the other word I spend my time teaching my grandchildren. Not ay, huh, what...pardon sounds so much better.

  2. I think all two year old boys are enthralled with large machinery.

    Loved the photo's of your holiday in Wales.

    God bless.


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