Friday, 4 November 2016

Thrifty ways

While we were on holiday last week my grandson objected to his "jim-jams" having a tight neck. So Granny took them home, unpicked one side and put in two facings in a matching red fabric and two poppers.  Sent back in the post so he can get a few more weeks out of them Kids grow so fast!

On the way back from the post office I search 3 charity shoes for new boots.  The cheap ones on the left I brought 4 years ago for £12 in the cheap shoe shop and have worn them to death. The uppers were fine but the soles were cracked but finally the front fell off. The short brown ones to the right are barely worn, leather, Clark's, and were only £8. As I no longer have to yomp round urban areas between meeting meets for work they should last twice as long! 

At least I have managed some thrifty ways but there are several things building up in the house that are going to require attention and spending. Always something!


  1. The toe of my boot came loose like yours and I used some Shoe Goo to glue it back. That was two years ago and it's still holding. I like the brown boots and you can't beat the price.

  2. I already glued the other sole back on at the side with UHU!

  3. Love the splitting of a shoulder and adding some poppers. Great frugal and thrifty save.

    God bless.

    1. Grandson was a bit confused as to why his top was in the post!

    2. Bless him. I check necks before I buy now. Its happened to me before, the neck and was far too tight.



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