Friday, 11 November 2016

Blue skies

I should have taken a photo today but all you would have seen as would be pure bright blue!

Such a lovely day here. Got up to 12C for a while with bright clear sunshine. We have not a serious frost so I had to take up the dahlias and cut off the foliage so that I could plant my wall flowers.

Eventually the husband appeared outside to supervise - he has had man flu all week,

Oh well, rain forecast for tomorrow I shall hide in the sewing cabin where I am learning how to use my complex machine to do applique. I am making some applique Christmas shapes for Christmas cards for the little people.

Back soon


  1. Best of luck and let's see your creations. A sunny but cold day here. We've had it lucky so far with the weather, haven't we.

  2. Nothing but grey skies and wet stuff here.
    You are so making me want a sewing cabin to snuggle up in on nasty days.
    Looking forward to seeing your appliques-x-


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