Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Sweet potato non-harvest

All summer we have encouraged a dozen slips of sweet potato to rampage down one side of our poly tunnel. The vines were going out the sides and all over the path.

We enjoyed the pretty purple flowers though they died quickly.

As the temperatures dropped and the time to dig them up approached I mentioned to my husband that I had chased a mouse (bravely on my part) out from under the foliage when I was watering the day before.

He went to investigate. All he found was holes and chewed out skins and a few measly tubers!

Look out mice - I have some nice portions of poison for you next!


  1. Its so disheartening when this sort of thing happens. You wait and wait and its all for nothing or almost nothing. I am going to grow my own slips like I did this year but put them in the ground instead of a tub.

  2. Oh dear, how very sad.

    God bless.


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