Saturday, 26 November 2016

Thrifty Chicken

Brought a small roasting chicken this week for £2.76.  I was very pleased with how this worked out for the week:
Sunday - slices as roast chicken plus potatoes, parsnips, carrots and sprouts from the veg garden.
Monday - casserole - legs basted in stock with onions and carrots
Tuesday - carcass stripped and bones simmered for broth, then bits made into a stew using broth and plenty of veg with dumplings
Wednesday - chicken biryani

Not a scrap was wasted.  Also on Sunday I did a beef casserole along side the roast to use the oven space. This was divided into two and popped these in the freezer for use at the end of the week.

We have got used to portions around 200g of meat between us for most meals.  For these 4 meals we definitely had far more than that each day. By Thursday we were quite happy to forgo meat and have a smaller meal of omelettes.


  1. I bought a medium chicken from lidl on Sunday £2.99 and it made roast chicken for one meal. Curry for 2 meals and chicken stew for 1 meal, chicken and mushroom risotto for one mesl. The stock was used for the risotto and soup. So making 5 main meals for 2 people and two lunches, excellent value.

  2. Way to stretch that chicken.

    God bless.



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