Friday, 5 May 2017

Moulton Windmill and reclamation yards

We went inland for our day-out this week and had a look at some of the fenland just inside Lincolnshire. We had a look at the windmill in Moulton which is in the centre of the attractive Georgian village. Nice flower show in the church too.

The sun was out and the rape fields are very bright. Not a drop of rain fell from the large clouds!
We wandered on, strangely every road we took for "bendy" - usually its dead flat and straight! - and we ended up at a reclamation yard we had been told about. We went for a look around.
There were probably hundreds of up cycling projects in here but it was so muddled and confusing at first; it was definitely a case of  not seeing the wood for the trees. My husband was hoping for some seasoned wood for furniture making but nothing you could actually reach and see clearly appealed.

Stained glass window panels
Old bikes
Log burners and fire surrounds?

The yard was on the site of an old railway station and we did admire the signal box and signals!

Think that Mini behind the signals is definately past reclaiming!


  1. Isn't that windmill just glorious.
    I wonder if it might be worth a trip to our nearest reclamation yard to look for a woodburner....all the new ones I have looking at look like they should be in a spaceship not a living

  2. Wow I want to poke about a reclamation yard, looks so very interesting.

  3. Wow, the windmill is beautiful and the reclamation yard looked like a person could in fact spend days searching for interesting bits and bobs.

    God bless.


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