Saturday, 30 September 2017

Blouse project

I have been going through the blouses I made for summer wear.  Most worked well but there were one or two aspects I could improve for next year's batch.

Square neckline pull over top - With a couple of extra inches on length so they did not ride up when gardening they fitted well. But the shoulders kept falling off. Or as my husband says I looked like I had one of Carole K's (Gardeners World) cardigan's!

Button through top - great fit except the neckline may plunge a little too much for gardening.

Yoke top - higher neckline, cap sleeves keep the top of the arms safely covered.  But if you need to put on a cardigan the yoke puffs out the front uncomfortably.  Also too short in the body.

I am adapting this classic pattern into a blouse. I like the rise around the back of the neck, and that makes it a nice warm autumn blouse.  I am smoothing out the pointy bit.  I have had 3 goes making the pattern with spare material so far (too short, too tight round the bust, more swing needed in the back) - working up to this lovely bright fabric I treated myself to!  The prototypes will go into the gardening blouse draw and will get some wear next year.

I saw on Bobo Run's blog that she had found a pattern for bibbed overall's - now that is a pattern I would like to try for gardening!


  1. I have my sewing machine out, making a cot quilt for baby Will. I have a plan to make us all a pair of relax trousers for Christmas day.

    1. I think I will put trousers on my New Year's resolutions not made a pair since 1973!


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