Wednesday, 28 February 2018

End of February

Sunday we went for a lovely walk by the River Nar.  Sunny and dry, if still a bit frosty under the trees.  Least we did not get muddy on the meadows paths as it was nicely frozen.
Monday we had a bit of snow. Don't know what happened to the Beast from the East bit we live right on the Wash on the east coast and we have had hardly any snow.  It all melted on the road by lunch time.

Tuesday and the very light powdery snow is lifted and blown off the fields.  Looked really weird bit like the photos I have seen of the dust storms in USA dust bowl in the 1920s.  Its blown inside our log store and inside the poly tunnel.  

Been putting out extra food for the birds.  The blackbird came to his "plate" of meal worms.

We looked round the house for things to do inside.  We have not had the estimate for the electrical improvements for the kitchen yet but my husband decided as they would need access to the ceiling anyway he would take up the laminate in the study above.

In the end it came up easily and we decided it could be re used to floor our conservatory later in the year.  So it has all gone in to store for a while.

We are scraping through the food cupboard this week like everyone else trying to avoid any need to go out shopping.  Lots of stews and curry's to help keep us warm.


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