Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Courtyard gardening

Now that my kitchen makeover is nearing completion my husband thinks I need something attractive to look at. We have a dreary courtyard area with brick on three sides with no view (unless you lean sideways while standing on one leg).  So he is putting in some pots, and hanging stuff that likes the shelter and the shade.

He made the wooden trough out of scraps and then in our local garden centre found the hanging garden thing on the left hand side. Three for £10 - which will give us 9 planting pockets. Not too expensive. We will source plants as and when we find suitable shade loving ones and I am thinking I might splash out on some solar fairy lights.

Hope no one thinks I am going to spend extra time in the kitchen though.


  1. I spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. Can't wait to see your finished shady area.

  2. It already looks lovely and once you've got established flowers and fairy lights it will beautiful. B&M do some great solar lights if you can position the panel to catch the sun.

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  4. Love your little sheltered spot. Now a little table and a couple of chairs would be just right for morning or afternoon tea.

  5. Oh you are physic ! will post about our new garden chairs next week!

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