Saturday, 12 January 2019


Came out of the hospital on Friday after a regular check up to see the bus back  into town go by. Next one was 25 minutes so instead of waiting on the windy corner I set off to walk back to town.  1.9 miles.
Just down the road I found cycle way sign saying town centre 1.5 miles taking me away from the main road.  Some time later I past another sign - still saying 1.5 miles!  Where had I gone wrong?

Image result for confused at signpost
As I was currently in a run down 1960s housing estate by then, I veered off to an open green area and asked a dog walker.  Still a long way but it was through pleasant green area belt  and a Woodland Trust area.  It was warm and sunny for a bit and I saw lots of catkins and buds on trees.

I looked up my route on an OS map when I got home and I was pretty much on the right track.  I was probably veering down the more open roads rather than some suspicious looking alleyways.

Got back to town about the same time as the bus would have taken and felt very refreshed by the impromptu walk.

Been a few days since I learned any new facts (one of my targets for the year to learn new stuff) but today we decided to watch Paul Murton's Tour of Scottish lochs (BBC2).  Well, I did not know the western seaboard of Scotland was a ring of extinct volcanoes and one near Ardnumchan.... you can see the outline in a ring round the old volcano'score from aerial photographs.   In fact I think for my geography education in the 1960s I had assumed Scotland was a result of tectonic plates moving together to form the mountains.  Amazing.


  1. I am sticking to walking in the basement on the treadmill until spring. No more broken bones for me.

    God bless.

    1. If it had been raining or icy I think I would have scuttled back to the overheated hospital for 10 mins warm up. No time for a second coffee took 10 mins to get served on way in!

  2. I must get back I to my walking, it's such a great exercise.

    1. Me too. Though I could have done with my other shoes on.


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