Friday, 11 January 2019

Winning at complaining to Stanstead

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Since October my husband has been complaining to Stanstead airport after a friend who was trying to pick us up got charged £25 for going in the  car park we were not in because we were following the signs to "pick up" and he was following the signs for "pick up"  - that turned out  not to be the same one!

After a series of letters about how we got mixed up as their internal signage was rubbish and insistence by him that people were misdirected by the their signs, they gave up and refunded the money.



  1. When i was an immigration officer I worked at Stansted many times.
    There has been a lot of confusion since they closed the drop of on the upper level AND everything goes via the lower car parks. Well done on getting a refund.

  2. Great, so many companies try to make you give up complaining , well done for the refund.

  3. Glad to see that you managed to get a refund.

    God bless.


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