Thursday, 5 December 2019

Weird cows

As gardening is slowing down this season we have taken some days to go out for walks. We have set ourselves the aim of exploring the NAR VALLEY Walk through Norfolk. Probably doing it over a year or two in short stages - it is about 30 miles long! We did a short loop on Sunday through fields mostly arable (bit wet and muddy) but then we came round a hedge - 

What's that eye staring at me from behind that bush?
That's a weird cow, said my husband.

Its a water buffalo that's why!
Are't they suppose to give really good meat and are good at rough pasture?

They are in the wrong field, that one is a lot drier than the two we just crossed.

A mile or less further on squinting into the sun at the animal shapes on the next hill we thought they were sheep. Or is that a horse at the top, outlined against the skyline, asked my husband (he does only have one working eye).  
No, its a field full of very very big pigs.  All grumbling and gurgling away.

How good are those, quite short looking, electric fences I wonder?

Where's the next gate?


  1. Pigs hate electric fences, they sometimes won't even cross where a electric wire has been even if it's not there anymore

    1. In my logical mind, I believe you. in my instinctive min,d my feet say run away! I am just not an animal person!

  2. How lovely to do all that walking. And what lovely area, you have, to walk in.

    Here, we are fully snow covered, so no such walking. -smile-

    🎄 😊 🎄

    1. We are watching a YouTube of someone who lives in northern Sweden, a photographer, and she is so good at showing the beauty of snoW!

  3. How interesting to see water buffalo. I did not realize they could be raised for meat.

    God bless.

    1. Ah the joy of watching Countryfile for years and years. You do learn some things!

  4. Water buffalo, how interesting. I wonder how they came to be there, what prompted their purchase.


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