Thursday, 29 April 2021

Learning new sewing related stuff

 We have all been exhorted during the lockdown to learn new things to keep our brains active. My husband and I often note the things we have learnt during a day. Yesterday it was on Sewing Bee that wearing of woollen caps by the working classes was a law brought in by Elizabeth 1 to protect the woollen industry. Well, I did not know that!

What else did I learn yesterday?  I am not as technological a duffer as I thought. I downloaded a printer driver to my computer and resolved a two year problem with printing!!! Yeah!!! 

What did I print? A free sewing pattern for a ladies overall for gardening. What else did I learn from the notes given lovely Australian designer?  (In to the Folds/Peppermint Magazine) How to change the settings of Adobe Printer to have layers and then turn off the lines for the unwanted sizes so the pattern you printed out was just my size and not have 12 other sets of lines to confuse you. Saves ink too.

As they say, Everyday is a learning Day.

 (Even when you have a 2nd Covid jab headache)


  1. Well done Trish. I hope we get to see the gardening fashion wear!

  2. Good for you! I am so stuck in my routine that very little new stuff filters in. My brain will soon be mush!

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  4. Well done. I still have not even tried to download a pattern for clothing from the internet.

    God bless.