Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Almost a spring day

Beautiful weather with snowdrops shining in the sun.  Having tired of fixing yet more bolts in the next stage of building our poly tunnel and cutting wood we looked round for a distraction. As next door were having their garage roof re felted and there was a tarry smell we decided we may as well have the bonfire and add to the smell. We always check the wind is going to carry any smoke away from the houses first and try not to burn too much as we prefer to compost when possible. The bonfire today was the second heap from cutting back some overgrown buddleia from 2 weeks ago.  It had dried out nicely and roared away once we got it going.  There is something primeval about bonfires is n't there? And the ash is pure wood so will go on the veg garden.

Which reminds me of a story.  My friends say this could only happen to me. Some years ago I was visiting one of those posh north Cotswolds villages as part of my work on a crisp but sunny autumn day. I was a bit lost having had to twist through the back streets to find somewhere to park so asked a passing man where the Library was (where my meeting was scheduled). Kindly he offered to show me the way and in attempt to make conversation  I innocently said what a lovely day for a bonfire to clear the gardens. Icily the nice man said he had worked his whole adult life in a senior government role to bring in smokeless zones to improve air quality and did not approve of bonfires. Opps, I asked about the local recycling centre and went on about green waste till the library door was reached and I gratefully fell into the arms of friendly colleagues with tea and biscuits!

I must take some photos of our seedlings to show you our preparations for spring.

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