Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Good week and bad news

Been a good week in the garden with crops coming along, just enough rain to freshen the place but it is still sunny.
But a few bits of badness.
Firstly, for the first time in a year we overspent our income for the month. It was the annual bills of the car tax plus the house insurance that caused the problem by the 20th of the month.  We did not go into the red, more dipped towards our  desired balance. We talked it out and agreed to reign in some of the little jobs around the place that need the £10 or £20 in materials each and concentrate on the things we can do with no extra expense! We will look at those annual bills and try to manipulate the dates so "nasties" don't coincide again.
We felt so bad for our elderly neighbour (80s) who runs a little market garden enterprise. We have very different views on gardening but we exchange knowledge every day! He is very Percy Thrower generation using a lot of chemicals and sprays. He had been weed-killing using his back pack sprayer last week when he was interrupted as his daughter and great grandson turned up. Then a few days later he picked up the sprayer pack which was dry and filled it with pesticide and sprayed his 3 greenhouses. Within a few hours his numerous and beautiful tomatoes and cucumbers began to fade. School boy mistake. Did not remember to wash out the sprayer. As it was dry he forgot he had not actually finished the weedkiller and done his normal routine. Poor chap. All his profit for the year lost in one moment of inattention.
It was the same day as my husband found a baby thrush caught in some nylon netting over some cauliflowers. It had been there some time and was well and truly tangled. He called over the neighbour and they untangled it and set it free. We had purchased some better kind of fruit netting so we decided once and for all to rid ourselves of the odd bits of green nylon netting.
One of expenses we want to save our monthly uncommitted money towards is the purchase of two new sheds. First we have to save to get rid of the concrete/asbestos garage. It was buried in clematis and honeysuckle which we cleared off the back last week,
Now we have uncovered it all and my husband is digging out the sides as it is sunk into the ground. 

We have a massive bonfire but can't set a fire for a while as the field behind the house is now turning to ripe corn and is dry, we don't want to set it on fire!
In the veg garden we have plenty to eat now - peas, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, cues, lettuce. Runner beans are starting to set.  Far to many courgettes that quickly move towards being marrows!

Have taken time to sit every afternoon around 4pm for a good half hour and just enjoy the summer days.


  1. We removed an asbestos garage ourselves. Tendring council charge £10 a sheet to dispose of but it has to be double wrapped in plastic. We soaked the sheets of asbestos with water. We unscrewed each sheet making sure we wore clothes that could be thrown, masks and hats. Everything in your garden is looking good. You really are doing well.

    1. Interesting. I have thought about DIY but I was unsure of the safety aspects. That sounds quite straight forward. What I need in the garden is more sitting areas.

  2. that's so sad he killed all his crops, but it happens to us all one time at one time or another. My courgettes are a bust this year.



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