Thursday, 16 July 2015


We are plagued with tiny black midge things this week. My (sweaty) arms were covered in them when I cycled to the post office.  We have tried to keep the windows and back door closed despite the heat as last year the wretched things got under the glass in several mounted photos and even into the computer screen.  But at cooking times I just had to have a draft!

There is a small hard black "flea" looking thing on the flowers too. I am now reluctant to bring in vases of flowers and today I gently hosed the sweet pea bunch after I picked them to rinse the things off!

I welcome the sight of swallows swooping round the house catching the insects, though sometimes the "screeching" they do as a group is a bit unnerving.

The insects have put me off our big task of the week. I do about 15 mins then wander off to weed the veg and cool off.  This picture will show you a bit of what we are doing.
Some where under this honeysuckle and montana clematis is an old garage which needs to be replaced.  We waited ages for the birds to finish nesting and for the clematis to finish flowering but we could not wait any longer for the bees to have the honeysuckle flowers! Its hot and lots of bugs fly out!

We are hoping to put up something to provide dry storage for big items over the winter. We are looking at various designs and suppliers but have not yet found the ideal style with a good quality construction that we can afford. Neighbour rated a company up in Lincolnshire which we may pop up to look at in the next couple of days as the weather is supposed to be inclement for a while.

Meanwhile back to the veg glut - courgettes!  Trying everything from soup to stews and stir frys.


  1. The black beetles are pollen beetles, we have loads here this year - always more about when there is oilseed rape growing close. They are a pain as they take the pollen from runner beans and stop them from setting.
    Plenty of thunderflies around too and like you say they get under the glass on pictures and everywhere else, at least they don't bite!

  2. Oh dear I hope they haven't nobbled my runner beans. It's very muggy and buggy at the moment.

  3. Thanks for the identification. I looked on RHS and they seem harmless and I think tidiness at the end of the season might help. No oil seed rape here - cereal and potatoes mostly - and oh, one of the biggest flower growers in the UK!



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