Sunday, 6 September 2015


My husband has spent a year rebuilding this stable block and is now just ready to take the old wood off and re clad. This woodpecker has decided to help by making holes. If we wait long enough we won't have to take off the rotten OSB board just sweep up the bits!
Taken early in the morning with a camera trap.

It has turned cooler recently but this afternoon it was gloriously hot. We dug the third row of potatoes and filled two buckets. These were much larger than the first earlies probably due to giving them more water. Other veg is coming to an end and we are clearing various rows and thinking where to put the winter cabbage and kale.  Have had a terrible time with swede and they are rotting in the ground. There is nothing like the smell of rotting swede!


  1. Vandal maybe, but I can't think of a better vandal to have!

  2. I pulled up the last of my carrots as I feared they'd rot in all this wet weather.



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