Saturday, 12 December 2015

Messing around in the kitchen

Having tidied the cupboards ready for Xmas I closed all the doors and thought how boring the kitchen looked. We are planning a kitchen revamp along a "beach" theme when my husband has his woodworking shed re-clad and up and running but meanwhile......

I painted the kitchen cupboards with some more of the "storm blue" chalk paint our son bequeathed us last year.   Nearly got two coats on it all after two half days work.
No cost and it looks brighter!

 I also remembered a tiler-person once telling me I can brighten up tiles with furniture polish. As the earthy colours look a little dull I will be giving the splash-backs a good clean and have a go with a can of cheap supermarket polish. We have a new bright striped blind (a deckchair pattern/colours) at the other end of the room (double aspect) so I am going to cover the dining room chairs with similar fabric and then make some bunting to hang above the sink. Will post some pictures shortly. That should brighten the place in the rest of the dull winter weather!

Outside it is dull and wet. It has been so mild my husband has had to mow the grass areas around the house and in a side bed I found our hellebores think its spring and are putting out flowers!

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