Thursday, 4 May 2017

Some small projects around the place

We don't have any major projects in mind this year as we are hoping to spend more time out and about but I have set myself some small "Tidying" projects which need no or little money and not a lot of time. First |I have promised to empty, clean and sort all the sheds at least once over this summer. Its amazing how easily it gets muddled and you put something down in a hurry and thin shimmy round it for months. We have one of those two door brick sheds, this being a 1930s Council house build, and we have never really cleaned it out properly or painted it etc. One third is the outside loo and we have not used it as a loo for nearly two years. So it is use it or loo-se it time! I removed the anchor (??) and some wooden battens stored it there and relocated the 3 (yes, 3) weed-killer knapsack sprays and swept. I was so tempted to so the much less grotty end first but was brave and went for the worst first.

The lavender over growing the entrance gives a nice fragrance as you go by, and do you like the lilac colour? It was meant for a bedroom ages ago but we hated it. Still it will look clean and fresh in here when the dull dirty pink is covered up.  If no one uses this outside facility, this summer I shall advocate another plan - rip the whole lot out, plumbing and all and make it into a store once and for all.  Some people say a third loo/outside loo is an asset but I grew up with scary Granny's outside toilets and I am not sure after 60 years I have quite gotten over it!!

Other projects are just odds and ends I've done over the last few weeks - but frustratingly I can only get half the job done!
There was a pile of pallets between the log store and the compost bin. Not really in the way but it meant my husband has to strim round it instead of just a few feet more of mowing. So I picked them up, dusted them off and moved them to lean against a fence behind the workshop ready to make something or use as firewood. I have dug it over and raked it and when it rains the area can be seeded and patched in with some sieved soil.

Similarly there were some old posts laying on the grass against this fence in a bit of a dip and again it had to be strimmed instead of mowed. We re-cut a flower bed in the front garden over Easter, removing some turf so I brought it round and I patched in the whole and put some sieved soil on top to even it out. When it rains the grass should grow through.

Couple of other areas to sort which should make maintenance less of a stress all round. And there is always another shed to sort out.

Meanwhile, some sewing supplies have been delivered so I am off back to my sewing log cabin with my latest project!


  1. We have a row of three brick built sheds too Trish and one of ours houses a loo which does actually get used as we don't have a downstairs cloakroom. A lot of our neighbours have knocked their sheds down but we find ours too useful to do that. They are getting to the stage now though where they are ready for new doors as I think they are the original doors from when the house was built in the fifties.
    Ooooh a delivery of sewing lovely-x-

  2. Our original doors are quite good but the frames are rotten at the bottom. I would like to knock it down as it is too close to the house and blocks the view but it is "semi detached" to next door!

  3. have to laugh our outside loo was ripped out by the council before we came here ,all they did was cover the hole in the floor up with a bit of board so we just use it for Mr Bah Humbugs fishing gear, last year they came round and accused us of stealing it !! most bizarre conversation we have ever had


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