Thursday, 20 July 2017

Hobby or stick horses

I was taking out the broad beans last week and pulled out the three old wooden broom handles I had used as supports when I remembered a bit on the news the other day of people doing hobby horse show jumping. We don't like plastic toys but do like to have something to entertain the grandchildren over the summer holidays visits.

Quick look on Pin-interest for ideas and a pattern and out to the sewing cabin to raid the stash and bits of ribbons,felt and cord, etc.

Round the garden on the flat or over the jumps guys?


  1. Lucky little ones, they look beautiful

  2. I remember making myself a hobby horse with an old sock for the head.

  3. How lovely.I bet the littluns enjoy racing around the garden on them... giddyup.

  4. Brilliant Trish, what lovely hobby horses. Tx

  5. Those Hobby Horses are just lovely. Great job!!

    God bless.

  6. Clever you! Retirement is good isn't it? Having the freedom to come and go as you please with no timetables to follow, time to just do whatever you want, to do nothing if that pleases you. We love our retirement, simply because it means there are no responsibilities, no mortgage for many years now, nobody to answer to. And more time together after Himself spent most of his adult life in the Forces and so was away a lot, and when home often worked 12-14 hour days. Nice to have those days a thing of the past. ]
    Lovely blog, thank you.


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