Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Excessive veg

What are you doing with your gluts of veg?
Carrot cake - I have got a WWW veg oil based recipe sorted now but I may try to make two third quantities as the whole thing is a bit too much when it is just for us two. Also I substitute half the walnuts with sultanas as nuts are not top of our favourite tastes. I often leave the cream cheese topping off (unless its a treat day) as the sugar levels are a bit much if you have a lump for coffee and afternoon tea in one day!  Note - home grown carrots are NOT like  commercial ones - less wet, not the same bright colour and if you leave them a day or two after picking they go too soft to grate!
Beetroot and chocolate cake - we are not that fond of chocolate cake so this one has not proved too popular but it did use up a couple of large beetroot (before the hare called the other night to devastate a large one left in the ground).

Curried Carrot
Minestrone/Vegetable -  a cabbage base plus just throw in what you have (except beetroot)
May get desperate next week - courgette with Stilton stirred in.

Tried a courgette one - not so successful
Red cabbage and red onion - oh yes, that is nice with just about anything!

I won't bore you with the endless salads from the garden - lettuce, toms, cucumbers, radish, beetroot.  Or the dinners with at least 3 veg choices plus freshly dug potatoes.
The other day it all got too much - we had tinned spaghetti on toast for lunch.

What else are we doing with the excess?  We have built a little stand from pallets and bits of ply and sell veg at the gate.  Last year we made £90 over the summer excess ( we just had a small box perched on some bricks then) - so far this year we have £30 in the jar. The pound coins will be in useful for car parking at the beach in August when the various family bring the grand children.


  1. I'm only pulling the smaller carrots at the moment. The runner beans are non stop but I'm not moaning as I didn't get one last year! It's great you can make some money from the excesses at least it helps cover the cost of growing.

  2. We're still managing to eat all that we are growing. The tomatoes are coming thick and fast now. For lunch yesterday we had fried tomatoes on toast.


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