Thursday, 3 August 2017

Kitchen improvements

The slow revamp of our kitchen continues. I have always felt hemmed in by the wall cabinets which were too low over my only "working" space so I was glad to finally have them removed.
As expected with a 1930s house there were lots of holes to be filled but it did not take long to poly-fill
and repaint with some emulsion from the bottom of a tin.  Not bothered too much with shade as we intend to re colour the walls eventually.

My husband made some nice shelf brackets and got some decent wood. He fixed on an IKEA rail I have had in storage for ages and Ta Dah!
To all you who say what happened to the two cupboards worth of stuff? And is it the not an old fashioned idea?  The contents of the too small and too awkward common kitchen wall units with the lattice windows was  just "stuff" and 50% was out of date herbs and spices. So a bit of throwing out was needed. I now have all those things I use to cook every meal from scratch twice a day right there in front of me. The old ideas in life are the best.  Marvellous.
(Also the cupboards, doors removed, are standing on their ends in the shed and are proving to be useful storage cubby holes).

Next step is to remove the disgusting and not working cooker hood, which is also a fire hazard as it is apparently too low and not the recommended distance from the hob. (Are we not all a bit more aware of fire hazards and spread since the dreadful London event?)  Plus have some small shelves to the far end of the counter to house spice jars and oils.

Nearly there with this kitchen I kid myself. I am dismissing the much needed taking out and replacing of the sink and units from my mind for at least 4 months. Far too much trauma.


  1. Why is it most of the dried herbs we keep at home is always so out of date. Love your shelf with the hanging bar underneath, great use of space.

  2. Looks great and everything looks very simple to access. I have a similar hanging shelf in my kitchen and I find it very useful.

  3. Our tiles are the same as yours, but with some green ones added in. Twice in the last couple of years we bought fancy glass ones - hesitated - then returned both. 3 months ago we bought white metro tiles - which are still in their boxes in the conservatory whilst we think about it! We too took something down - ours was an open cupboard with old bottles on. I think we all sometimes just get used to looking at what's there. Your hanging rail looks great.


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