Monday, 8 January 2018

Time to remerge

After 15 full days being grandparents we are at last set free to relax and spend time doing our thing.  Hats off to the grandparents on the other side of the families who look after the little ones on a more frequent basis. We are the " holiday" grandparents; having them for week at a time instead which in many ways I find distressing but its about enough for granddad.  He is not sure C's furry halo is deserved!

We have been lucky this winter - little snow, just one big windy storm, and no serious  flu here so far. But we have had an extraordinary amount of rain - the veg garden soil is like liquid soup and there are laying large puddles of water on the fields.  Could not get on it to pull the carrots or parsnips or leeks.

Now Xmas is over preparation for spring has started here.  The poly tunnel main bed has been renovated and some cauli plants put in for an early crop.  The onion seeds have come up after just a few days and the fresh seed purchases are arriving by post.  The seed potatoes are laid out in the shed to chit.

Today I have found the first snowdrop in a sheltered spot, the hellebore's have started flowering and the wiegelia are flowering.


  1. As much as I love having Will here on a Monday, I am always ready for bed by 10pm.

  2. It can be exhausting as their energy levels never seem to wain! My grandchildren are older now and they expect you to get on the trampoline or run behind their bikes!!!!

  3. You are a star grandparent. I'm exhausted after a morning with just one toddler

  4. I have have just had 6 months 'off'. My daughter goes back to work on Friday after maternity leave so it's back to full grand-parental duties this weekend (she is a nurse)

  5. I have been told that grandchildren have lots of energy. Having them visit for a week or so at a time would wear anyone out.

    God bless.


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