Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Stretching the money

After Xmas expenses it is time to find some cheap and filling meals. 

Reading another blog I was inspired to retry a soup I did in November. Tomato and lentil soup.  I had a pack of tomatoes in the freezer which I dug out and used with 2 oz of lentils. Plenty of spices and onions and a quick buzz with the blender.  Its a good filling soup

For a warming lunch I boiled lightly two large potatoes thickly sliced.  At the bottom of an oven proof dish I put some diced onion and bits of cooking bacon. Laid the potatoes on top doused in a thick cheese sauce.  I had brought some heavily discounted cheese in the local supermarket last week so this week the sauce was rich with oak smoked cheddar and the top was thickly covered with crumbs of Stilton. Baked till the potatoes were soft and the top brown. Yum.

I also had some odds and ends of milk I threw in the freezer as we departed to London for Xmas.  Cheap pudding this week was to defrost these and had a baked milk rice pudding. These were easy to cook along side the two roast chickens I got of £7 in the local Co-op. Good offer as the chickens provided us with 8 generously full meals for the two of us.

Obviously we are not in the weight loss regime just yet.  Unlike the TV which has so many diet programmes that it is getting boring.  Plenty of chores like bringing in wood for the fire and clearing the fallen twig bits off the silver birches in the front garden after the recent windy days. Let alone having a good tidy up!


  1. Hmm, I might try making lentil and tomato. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Not being well means no food eaten for over a week. I'm hoping to start cooking again later this week.

  3. That potato cheese bake had me drooling! We are having lots of soups as we are on that new year diet!


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