Saturday, 14 April 2018

Catching up

Now that Easter holidays are over and all the smaller grandchildren and their teacher parents are back at work the weather is 10 degrees warmer. Grrr.
Froze our selves at the beach in 7C - had to find a hollow in the sand dunes for a digging session.
Froze at the Animal Park. The cow licked grand daughter to thank her for blowing a kiss.
Opps. Quick Daddy, stick that lump of fur back in that rabbit and move away!! 
A bit later we hastily picked up the fur he dropped in the tea room and hid it. 
No animals were harmed in this production (much).

The Aquarium was bit warmer.  Except the outdoor bit where even the penguins looked chilly.

Back home Granddad was entertaining the plasterer. He was plastering the kitchen so we had to leave the house by 9 and not return till 4pm at least. That was a bit of a chore in the 7C temperatures and we could have done with better weather.

Ah well. They have gone home and the sun is out to do all the sheets at least.


  1. Typical holiday weather, when Easter is early it always cold and horrible.

  2. Although it hasn't been an absolutely freezing winter and spring, it been a very LONG,COLD, DAMP, DULL PERIOD!!!!


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