Sunday, 15 April 2018

Emergency DIY

We have had this pine king size bed frame for 35 years, and have taken it apart and rebuilt it to move and decorate probably as many times, but last week was the first time it actually broke!

It has creaked for ages, husband had complained about sagging, then suddenly there was a loud crack and we were tipped at 45 degree angle.

Took everything off, collected all the tools from the workshop and set about repairs and maintenance.
Scrapped the inner length of wood which had snapped at a knot which had a screw right through it half way along and found two odd bits of planned timber; held them in with clamps while we carefully made sure they were exactly level with the other side.  Listing is only enjoyable if you are sleeping on a boat not in the house!
One joint needed to be re glued and knocked back in.
All the other bolts were loose and needed a few turns with a big screwdriver.

Replaced the wooden slats and this time put in some new, longer, screws to hold them firm. Not sure why on the last move we had used such short ones - suspect we were in a hurry and had not really looked since.

Any way, by coffee time the bed was reassembled and re made. All good for another 35 years?  We have promised ourselves a new one with a padded headboard many times but this so comfortable we keep putting it off and wondering if the £600 or £700 for a plush bed would be worth it.

Emergency dealt with we could get on with more work in the kitchen. Do you like this vintage wall paper we found behind the cupboard?

I found it quite endearing and reminded me of my Grandmother's kitchen in the 1950/60s. I am sure she had this one.


  1. Nostalgic wallpaper, bet they don't make any like that nowadays.
    Your bed has done well

  2. Great repair job on the bed. I love finding old wallpaper in the houses we have renovated.

  3. Great DIY job on the bed. That wallpaper looks a great deal like one my Mom and Dad put up in our kitchen. Ours was a slightly different colour though.

    God bless.

  4. That wallpaper is a great find. I bet is was the height of fashion in its day. Our bed is similar to yours. It keeps going strong. Not broken yet but I’m just waiting for that scenario.


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